The folks over at had been talking about this song and the fact that numerous Hawaiian songs utilize different melodies and chord structures but the same lyrics.  ("Hi`ilawe" and "Kaimana Hila" come to mind among the many songs that have at least two different melodies.)  It can be very confusing!

I was able to identify recordings of "Na Moku `Eha" employing as many as three different melodies and chord structures.  So I very quickly threw together a montage of different versions of "Na Moku `Eha" so that all three different versions could be heard side-by-side.

The first version is performed by Kalama's Quartet, Alfred Apaka, Pat Ka`anoi, and the Sunday Manoa.

The second version is performed by Braddah Smitty, the Peter Moon Band, and George Helm.

And the third version is performed by Benny Kalama.

I hope this helps... Enjoy!

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