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Aloha. And then some.

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Ho`olohe Hou Radio is MOVING!

Yes, that's right! Ho`olohe Hou Radio is moving. We didn't want to. But Live365 - our station's hosting service - will no longer provide streaming radio services after January 31st.

Since receiving this news in late December, I have been busy building the NEW Ho`olohe Hou Radio - bigger and better than ever. And you will be able to find it... RIGHT HERE! That's right! Ho`olohe Hou the blog will become Ho`olohe Hou Radio, the 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week radio station featuring more than a century of historically and culturally significant Hawaiian music.

Bookmark this site - - to see what it becomes at midnight EST on February 1st. If you love Hawaiian music and if you loved Ho`olohe Hou Radio, you are going to be delighted at what's in store for you at this site in just a few short days.

This is still Ho`olohe Hou Radio. Keep listening...

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